ArtPool Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL celebrates creativity and recycling at its annual TRASHION FASHION show!

n. couture fashion made from found objects and recycled materials.

“Elizabeth has gone ALL OUT this year with her stunning designs. Check out this ‘Social Butterfly’ made of old Vogue magazines!! It’s like wearable origami with a strut!! This designer has spared no creative detail in her hard work, and we’re extremely grateful to experience her art on the runway.” —ArtPool

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY includes Dress, Headdress, Bag, and Shoes. $1,200.00

METALLIC HARLEQUIN includes Dress, Headdress, and Cuffs, $1,200.00

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Thank you to my beautiful friends for modeling!

Social Butterfly by Carrie Caignet  and  Metallic Harlequin by Mary Duda