Dances with Crows


Art-to-wear. 100% linen and cotton jacket.

Dances with Crows is a one-of a kind jacket that features crow appliqués. Made of 100% linen and cotton.

First, I up-cycled a linen tablecloth by eco printing it with leaves. The cotton lining was dyed with tea and rusty objects to create the mottled tan and black print. Next I had the two peaces of cloth stitched together using a birds in flight quilting pattern. In the meantime I chased down lots of crows in my neighborhood with my Canon 7D and telephoto lens. From these photos, I created a series of templates to make the crow appliqués out to black linen which I stitched to the linen/cotton lined substrate. The cuffs and lapel were stitched for the jacket body then I spent hours free-style stitching the designs. I even had to use a bit of math to get it all to work out somewhat evenly.

I’m enthralled by the surrealist paintings of Paul Pletka. During a visit to the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, I was blown away by his While the Ravens Laughed and spent the next weeks reflecting on how I might interpret it into a piece of wearable art.


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