This is a Celebration Loom

Projects are hands-on experiences in the art of creating community. The goal is to weave together our common values with our individual visions and differences.

The Celebration Loom is designed to weave something of yourself and your community into the warp by –
1. Writing a message on a piece of cloth and weaving it through the warp.
2. Bringing something meaningful to weave into this loom like a stick wrapped in yarn to synmbolize your prayers or intensions, a flower, a bit of fabric or something that is special to you.
3. Sharing your experiences with family members, friends and, yes, even strangers.
4. Always being kind and generous to other weavers.
5. Weaving harmony and beauty into your life and the lives of others.
Set up a CELEBRATION LOOM for your SPECIAL EVENT Fundraiser • Festival • Birthday Party • Wedding • Celebration of Life • Corporate Gathering
FEES: Start at $300
Contact: Elizabeth Neily 727-744-7051 
Email: elizabethneilydesigns@gmail.com