When I’m feeling overwhelmed by life, I turn to making dolls as a way to relieve stress. Sometimes they are just a simple stick doll made from pine needles and bits of yarn and fabric. Other times they just make me laugh, like the very silly One-Crazy-Critter at a time. Or if I’ve over-exposed myself to too much news on TV and facebook, I resort to my Twisted Sisters dolls. I believe every doll should have a purpose, a way of expressing the feelings and intentions of its creator and to tell a story. Starting with the intention for whom the doll is being made, it can be imbued with passion, love, hope and creative spirit.

Doña Maria Velásquez was made as a prototype for a Rag Doll workshop I was planning.

I give living history performances as a Spanish woman who sailed to Florida in 1527-1528 on the Panfilo de Narváez expedition.  Doña Maria carries all the hopes and fears of a woman who has left the comforts of home and family to embark on a adventure in a new land. She guides us on our new journey into unknown territory.

WORKSHOP includes a kit of doll parts to be stuffed with polyfiber then assembled, paints and brushes for painting her face, option choice of fabrics, ribbons, threads, and jewelry bits for dressing her or him.

Class Time: 5-6 hours.

Class Fee: $55.00

Twisted Sisters

We have seen and heard it all. You can talk to us. Had a bad day? Worried? Tell us about it. We take on your troubles.

According to a Mayan legend, when worrying keeps you awake, tell your worries to your dolls (yes, you may need more than one.) Then place the dolls under your pillow or somewhere near you. The dolls take over the worrying for you so you can sleep peacefully through the night. In the morning, you will awake without the worries that the dolls took away during the night. They can also serve as a wrist rest at your computer keyboard or mouse.

Adult Sisters $20 each.     Baby Sisters $5 each. (Optional dried lavender flowers may be added.)

Dismal Faerie Bags

All is not well in Faerieland. The Faerie Godmother Guild has been taken over by the Faerie Godfathers. “Forget about it.” So when you adopt a faerie, please make sure you have lots of fun together.

Sometimes the faeries want to have a race horse. Turns out they were once jockeys until unicorns were allowed to race in the Faerie Derbies. When the unicorns started farting rainbows, the jockeys and their steeds found themselves horribly allergic to the glitter they produced.

These charming one-of-a-kind bags are just right for carrying a cell phone and a bit of cash or credit card or even your water bottle.

Bags $35 each.       Horses $20 each.

One-Crazy-Critter at a time.


  1. ARTHUR is a bit shy, but once he gets to know you he’s your bestest ever friend. Oh, and he’s a great listener too.
  2. GEORGE is a lovable goofball whose favorite pastimes are swimming in circles and playing hide and seek. Fortunately he does find himself… most of the time.
  3. PHIL is a little fish who doesn’t let his size stop him from following his dream of finding pirates’ treasure.

  4. DAISY is a sweet little girl who is her daddy’s little princess. She is also the star of her school’s swim team.

  5. SAMMI is a very smart girl. She has taught herself how to catch those yummy swirly things that come on hooks.

O-Fish-als $20 each.  Samples shown. Fabrics and shapes will vary.


  1. Sweet, slightly daffy ETHEL was raised by wild peacocks after falling out of a tree as a baby. She can often be found collecting peacock feathers to make into a shawl.
  2. Harry is a hoot! He flies about at night looking for delicious bugs to eat, but once he settles down for the day he mostly sleeps and occasionally gives out wise advice. Just ask him.

Birds $18 each  Sample shown. Fabrics and shapes will vary.



This is really a very sweet girl named CHELSEA who is in recovery from a serious yarn ball addiction!

Cats are $45 each. Sample shown. Fabrics and shapes will vary.